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The “true search methodologies” to the staffing industry
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Our focus on a specific industry niche, and vertical segments within that niche

Our focus on a specific industry niche, and vertical segments within that niche, enables us to become intimately familiar with the field, the market and the most qualified candidates. Our certified recruiters are considered experts in their field of specialization and provide personalized service combined with the highest ethical standards.

We bring what we refer to as “true search methodologies” to the staffing industry. It is a process that came from the executive search market and is based on the assumption that we are looking for experts who are on the cutting edge of their specialty. It also assumes that those people are not necessarily looking for employment but must be identified and pursued.

Our Engineering Services client range

Engineering, Procurement, Construction & Management
  • =Employee-owned engineering, architecture, surveying, and geospatial firms
  • =Nationwide full-service project solutions firms providing value-added engineering, architecture, procurement and construction management
  • =Global consulting companies specialized in finance, energy and transportation
  • =Independent engineering consulting firms providing professional services to the energy and related industries
  • =International performance improvement companies for the global energy industry

Types of positions we fill include but are not limited to:

  • =Major EPC Projects
  • =Operations & Maintenance
  • =Business Analyst
  • =Energy Analyst
  • =Refining
  • =Midstream
  • =Pipeline & Terminal
Project Manager
  • =Refining
  • =Metals
  • =Chemical
  • =Energy
  • =Midstream
Principal Engineer
  • =Electrical
  • =Mechanical
  • =Reliability
  • =Chemical
  • =Process
  • =Mechanical
  • =Project
Other Positions
  • =Business Unit Manager
  • =Executive Management and Leadership

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I have known Linda for several years and have consistently been impressed with her recruitment and communication skills. It’s a rare thing to be able to discuss the nuances, trends and directions of your industry with a recruiter. It’s even more rare for a recruiter to understand and empathize with very technical people. Rarer still for a recruiter to follow up, keep in touch and offer useful and actionable advice. Linda embodies all these traits and is very personable with it.

- Database Infrastructure Administrator, Houston

Carol; Thank you for the conversation this morning and taking time out of your Sunday. I really appreciate the feedback! It really summarized the last 20 years of my career and gave me feedback that I hadn’t heard before, which I will definitely use for further development and improvement going forward regardless of the outcome. I can say having interviewed with many companies this particular aspect of your process (feedback) separates you and your company from many other companies and I have found it to be very professionally enriching. Thank you very much.

- Maintenance Director

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