Whitaker Companies Vice President of Training Named Chairman of NAPS

HOUSTON – The Vice President of Training for Whitaker Companies, Carol Wenom, was recently named Chairman of the National Association for Personnel Services (NAPS).

NAPS has been the staffing industry educator since 1961 and is considered the oldest and most established industry association. NAPS has certified more than 10,000 recruiting and staffing professionals nationally and also monitors all legislative actions that could affect the personnel services and staffing industry.

Wenom, who was named Chairman of NAPS in mid June, is presently located in the Whitaker Companies Colorado Springs office and has been with the company for nearly 20 years.

As Vice President of Training at Whitaker Companies, Wenom conducts both new-hire and on-going training for all three divisions and five branch offices of the company. She has also developed a series of training videos introducing the Fundamentals of the Staffing Industry that is offered throughout the industry nationwide.

“It is an honor and a privilege to serve as Chair for the National Association of Personnel Services, the organization that has been representing, informing, and educating the search and staffing industry since 1961. We continue to work for the greater good of those in our profession through our credentialing programs, continuing education initiatives, eLearning and our Annual Conference,” stated Wenom.

“All of us here at Whitaker are very proud of Carol and her commitment to our industry, as well as with her work as Chairman of NAPS,” stated Whitaker Companies President Bruce Whitaker.

Founded in 1983, Whitaker Companies is recognized as one of the nation’s most respected professional recruiters in the industry. Across all of their divisions, Whitaker is known for setting a higher standard and focusing on key positions requiring premium credentials in industries where demand is high.

Through its three divisions, Whitaker IT, Whitaker Technical and Whitaker Medical, the Whitaker Companies provides quality contract and direct-hire staffing solutions for a broad range of organizations across the United States.

To learn more about the Whitaker Companies’ staffing solutions or employment opportunities log onto www.whitakercompanies.com or call 281-870-1000 today.

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