Social Responsibility

Exec Leadership Stat

Diversity Statement

We live in, respect, and enjoy a very diverse community; we acknowledge these differences and are committed to their freedom of expression.

Our dedication to providing the best staffing and recruiting services is based upon celebrating our diverse community, as these differences create a workplace environment of inclusion and appreciation.
We are diverse. We are Whitaker. 


We believe that in order for us to achieve our goals, our clients and candidates must first achieve theirs. This has been the cornerstone of our company since it was founded in 1983 and remains the foundation on which we attain success today. We measure our success not by how many candidates we place or positions we fill, but instead by the successful outcomes of our clients and candidates.

That’s why we say “We Win When You Do”.

Our Core Values

Professionalism – We conduct business with creating value and long-term relationships as our primary goals.

Integrity – We stand by our personal and professional commitments by holding ourselves accountable to the highest ethical level.

Performance – We strive to consistently exceed our customers’ expectations and pursue new ideas and solutions.

Teamwork – We work to build teams based upon honesty and caring with a passion for our goals and those of our clients.

Respect – We earn trust by consistently regarding others and ourselves with appreciation, consideration and honor. Balance – We encourage maintaining a healthy balance between our professional and personal lives.

Network Involvement

As a valued members of our staffing and specialty industries, our employees have been recognized for their commitments and service on a national level including but not limited to: