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Ghosting in the Interview Process: A Haunting Reality for Both Sides


The world of recruitment is facing a chilling phenomenon: GHOSTING. Just like in dating, candidates and hiring managers alike are disappearing without a trace during the interview process, leaving the other party hanging with unanswered questions and dashed hopes.


Why is this happening? What’s changed in the last 10 – 20 years that has eliminated the need for common courtesy of respect and feedback during the interview process?


Building trust and maintaining open communication are essential for attracting and retaining top talent in today’s competitive job market. Here are our recommendations to create a positive experience for everyone involved.


The Haunting Effects of Ghosting:


Ghosting isn’t just an inconvenience; it has significant consequences for both parties. For candidates, being left in the dark about their application status can lead to:


  • Frustration and anxiety: The lack of communication creates uncertainty and hinders their ability to make informed decisions about other opportunities.
  • Damaged professional reputation: If word gets around about a candidate ghosting on an interview, it can negatively impact their future job prospects.


For hiring managers, ghosting can:


  • Lengthen the recruitment process: The need to find and re-engage with new candidates delays filling the position and impacts team productivity.
  • Damage employer brand: Unprofessional communication reflects poorly on the company culture and discourages top talent from applying in the future.


If either party ghosts the other, it “burns that bridge”.


Recommendations for Hiring Managers:


  • Maintain clear and consistent communication: Regularly update candidates on the application status, even if it’s to inform them they haven’t been selected for the next round. A simple email or phone call goes a long way.
  • Set realistic timelines: Clearly communicate the expected timeframe for the interview process and stick to it as closely as possible.
  • Provide feedback, even if negative: If a candidate isn’t selected, offer constructive feedback to help them improve their future applications.
  • Utilize Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) effectively: Leverage technology to automate communication tasks and ensure timely updates reach candidates.


Recommendations for Candidates:


  • Express your interest: After an interview, send a thank-you email with feedback on your level of interest in the opportunity.
  • Follow up but be patient: It’s okay to politely inquire about the status of your application after a reasonable timeframe has passed (around a week after the interview).
  • Be professional and courteous: Always maintain a professional demeanor in your communication, even if you’re disappointed with the outcome.
  • Manage your expectations: Understand that the interview process can take time and be prepared to wait for updates.


Building a Courteous and Transparent Culture:


Combating ghosting requires a collective effort from both hiring managers and candidates. Here are some additional tips:


  • For hiring managers: Develop a communication process of providing feedback post interview and ensure the interview team is on board with the process.
  • For candidates: Commit to taking the time to give feedback after any client interaction and provide timely feedback to your recruiter.




Common courtesy of respect and feedback must be present on both sides during the interview process, it’s just good business.




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