August 2015: Salary Trends for IT Professionals

With recent industry surveys and articles headlining popular websites, it should come as no surprise that IT skills are in high demand and employers are following suit with increases in compensation and benefits. Since IT career progression and higher salaries are strongly tied to continuing education and professional development how does an IT professional know which career moves are right for them? How does one know their knowledge and skills are being adequately and fairly compensated according to the market?

Below are three articles that describe recent trends in IT roles, hottest skills and career enhancing moves for IT professionals.

IT Salary Survey 2015: Highlights

How do tech workers feel about their pay, workloads and long-term career prospects? What are job seekers looking for, and which technical skills are most in demand among managers hiring for IT positions in 2015? Computerworld‘s 29th annual IT Salary Survey found those answers and more. Read full article

The Hottest IT Skills And Salaries

Keeping IT skills current is an ongoing challenge, but training and certification pay off in higher salaries. Find out which roles, skills, certifications, and industries are hot now. Read full article

5 Salary Enhancing Moves for Tech Workers

Tech job lists posted online provide general direction for which race to the top looks most rewarding for Tech workers. While picking the right race to enter is a good step, being the right racer is more important. Here’s how to be the right racer and make sure that you get paid what you’re worth. Read full article


Security Corner:

Smartwatches with network and communication functionality represent a new and open frontier for cyber-attack, and they could be used to hack into things like cars, smart coffee makers and – you guessed it – refrigerators. Read full article



Upcoming Events:

Agile Leadership Network Sponsored by Whitaker IT

Monthly chapter meeting August 13th. Agile Leadership Network promotes the growth of agile practices by bringing together Houston’s agile leaders to share real-world experiences and by providing a networking forum for like-minded professionals. More info/event website

Houston TechFest

Annual, one-day Internet and Technology based conference in Houston Texas, which is free and open to the Public. September 12th More info/event website

Houston Oracle Users Group Sponsored by Whitaker IT

Monthly meeting September 24th. HOUG provides the events and latest developments in the Oracle field of information, technology and database developments. It’s a place to network and share experiences with the uses and practices of the Oracle applications and tools. More info/event website



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