June 2015: Healthcare’s Growing Impact on IT and Security…Are You Ready?

U.S. consumer use of wearable fitness devices will double in the next five years according to a recent study featured on HealthcareITnews.com.  This coupled with other factors including more than half of consumers tracking their health online and recent FDA guidelines enabling more clarity that could drive annual growth of digital tools of 30% through 2018, the IT industry is experiencing new demand for cutting-edge technologies and a greater collaboration with the Healthcare industry.

Is your IT department ready and equipped to handle the influx of wearable fitness devices in the workplace? Are you ready?

Below are three featured articles addressing this growing demand on IT.

Why smart devices and wearables will be security’s new headache

Smart devices largely use the same operating system as their smartphone counterparts. This is the case with Android devices. When we talk about smart devices and Android, we’re talking about a mature platform in terms of malware. Read full article

Healthcare IT’s seismic shift, how collaboration is changing, cyber insurance and more!

The healthcare industry’s seismic shift to a consumer-focused model is giving patients more information about their health and making care more affordable. Here’s how IT is driving that change. Read full article

Leveraging the ‘Internet of Healthcare Things’ to change healthcare delivery

The healthcare industry is undergoing a “complete revolution,” based on all the data about our health and wellness that is being collected on a daily basis, according to Kurt Roemer, chief security strategist at Citrix. In healthcare that data is exploding, thanks to the “Internet of Healthcare Things”.  Read full article


Security Corner:

Healthcare businesses are faced with growing cybersecurity challenges as seen in the recent breaches revealed by healthcare provider CareFirst – which exposed details of up to 1.1 million customers – and big exposures at Anthem and Premera Blue. Many IT security professionals believe that health care organizations are far behind their peers in other verticals like finance or even retail when it comes to cybersecurity… Read full article



Upcoming Events:

WITI Virtual Hackathon

IBM and WITI have partnered together for the first ever WITI Hackathon! This will be an international code-a-thon where developers, scientists, students, entrepreneurs and educators gather to build applications, software, hardware, data visualization and platform solutions focused on Internet of Things and wearables. More info/event website

TASSCC Annual Conference Sponsored by Whitaker IT

One of the best and most affordable opportunities for learning and sharing in Texas, focused on the unique opportunities and problems faced in delivering services to citizens. August 2015. More info/event website




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