May 2016: How to Bulletproof Your IT Career

How To Bulletproof Your It Career

Is it possible to bulletproof your IT career? Nothing in this life is ever 100% certain, however staying on top of new technologies and software programs, not to mention earning multiple certifications, is a way for an IT professional to show senior executives and hiring mangers that their skills are fresh and they have a serious commitment to enhancing their technical expertise.

Every year, analysts and experts speculate about the hot ticket items for the coming months. So which technologies and certifications can help you boost your career and salary? Below are three articles that might just provide you those answers. Happy reading!

10 Hot Technology Trends For 2016
Some of these trends –like the Internet of Things and cloud computing — are household words in tech. Other technologies on our list, like blockchain and containerization, are fairly young. This list also highlights development trends, like microservices architecture and machine learning, and end-user computing trends, like wearables and virtual reality. Read full article

15 Top Paying IT Certifications In 2016: AWS Certified Solutions Architect Leads At $125K
These and many other insights about the highest-paying certifications this year are from Global Knowledge’s latest report, 15 Top-Paying Certifications of 2016. Read full article

IT Salary Survey 2016: Do certifications really help?
Earning an IT certification won’t automatically land you a job or a pay raise, but it can be valuable in the right circumstances. Read full article



Security Corner:

What’s Next For Network Security? A ‘vanishing’ physical network perimeter in the age of mobile, cloud services, and the Internet of Things, is changing network security as well. Network security as we know it ultimately will operate hand in hand with software-defined networking (SDN) and virtualization, security experts at Interop 2016 said. Read full article



Upcoming Events:

Houston Java Users Group (HJUG)
May 25th: Maximizing Your Productivity with JRebel and XRebel

June 9th: The Houston Cybersecurity Happy Hour is held monthly in a casual and fun environment for technology professionals to discuss the current state of cybersecurity, network, share ideas, and collaborate.

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