Why It’s Ok to Not Do Everything Yourself

Whitaker - Why It'S Ok To Not Do Everything Yourself





We are all professionals – highly educated and trained in our specialty – sometimes it’s easier to do it ourselves instead of asking for help. I get it. I’m also guilty of trying to do everything myself, but once I learned that it’s ok to NOT do everything, I gained access to something so much greater than the feeling of checking off my to-do list…. I got my balance back.

If you find asking for help to be a little difficult, that’s fine, you’re human. Learning how to get rid of the “all by myself” attitude can help you become a better leader, lower stress levels, and free up time!

Here’s where to start:

5 Tips to Finally Stop Thinking That Success is Something You Achieve “All By Yourself” (AmericanExpress.com)


  1. Lighten your load. Smart business models allow for a distribution of labor as the business grows. You and I both know you’re perfectly capable of doing the tasks; but by asking for help and not doing it yourself, you’re becoming a better leader, which is what’s most important for your business to grow.


  1. Become a champion of other people’s strengths. When you ask for help from someone who is better at (and loves doing) the thing you struggle with, you’re allowing that person to live his or her dream. Asking for help allows other people’s strengths to shine while allowing something truly crazy to happen …


  1. Enjoy free time! When you ask for help from people who love doing what they do, you can trust it’s being done correctly. This frees up a lot of time—more time than you had when you were burdened with the myth that you had to do everything yourself. Your friends and family will thank you.


  1. Lower your stress levels. Asking for help makes you an easier person to be around. Admit it—you get high strung. Bogged down. You become the bottleneck people are waiting on because you can’t get out of your own way. Asking for help reduces stress and makes people want to be around you.


  1. Learn how to get out of your own way. When you find the wherewithal to get out of your own way, it’s astonishing how quickly your business can change. Asking for help gets you out of the way and lets others in. Now you can focus on running your business and leading your company, which results in success.


Still afraid to let it go? Another strategy is to focus on “choosing what not to do”. By choosing not to do something you are making space for other things that are even more important. “Forsake the good, and even the better, in favor of the best.” (Entrepreneur.com)



Whatever you choose to do, you are by default choosing not to do something else. Getting used to that is part of becoming a leader.


Is asking for help hard for you? Use these 5 tips (and one exercise) to finally stop thinking that success is something you achieve “all by yourself.”
If you delegate with these principles in mind, the work will get done, because the right people will be focused on the right tasks.



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