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Since 1983, our recruitment teams have been a trusted staffing and search partner to clients local to Houston, or larger companies with offices across Texas, and the U.S.

Whitaker offers its clients the service of finding candidates for direct hire. We understand that sometimes financially and from an operational standpoint it makes more sense to have certain skills as part of your everyday team and we can help you find the right candidate.

Our direct hire search services, derived from executive search industry true-search methodologies, are strengthened by the team’s industry expertise and extensive network of top professionals. The result is long-standing relationships with the best people and the best companies. You can read more about Our Process

Contingency, Engaged & Retained Search

No matter the challenges of your situation, we believe in a tailored approach that provides our clients with only the most qualified candidates, specifically screened to assure that your needs are met efficiently. Our unique and effective approach includes three solution models: contingency, engaged and retained search.  Read more about the advantages of Retained Search.

 Your need. Your situation. Your choice.

  • Direct source contingency search
  • Priority determined by urgency and client relationship
  • Fee is charged only if Whitaker’s candidate is hired
  • Replacement guarantee covering the candidate’s first
  • 3 months of employment
  • Single point of contact recruiter
  • Candidate resume and presentation summary provided covering fit for position based on skill and culture match
  • Hybrid of contingency and retained
  • Priority over all standard contingency searches with research support as needed
  • $5,000 flat fee payable on commencement of search
  • Replacement guarantee covering the candidate’s first
  • 6 months of employment
  • Single point of contact recruiter focused on search efforts with additional recruiting support as needed
  • In-depth candidate screening with follow up presentation covering fit for position based on skill and culture match
  • Candidates in the search process will not be presented to other clients until they have completed any activity with retained client
  • Search is given exclusively to Whitaker
  • MONEY BACK search guarantee if client is dissatisfied with Whitaker’s search services for any reason
  • Mutual Level of Commitment
  • Quality and Quantity of Results
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Timeliness
  • Client Delineation
  • All Your Dealings Through One Person
  • In-depth Position Evaluation and Proposal
  • Our Unique One Year Replacement Search Guarantee

Achieve Your Full Potential

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I have known Linda for several years and have consistently been impressed with her recruitment and communication skills. It’s a rare thing to be able to discuss the nuances, trends and directions of your industry with a recruiter. It’s even more rare for a recruiter to understand and empathize with very technical people. Rarer still for a recruiter to follow up, keep in touch and offer useful and actionable advice. Linda embodies all these traits and is very personable with it.

- Database Infrastructure Administrator, Houston

Carol; Thank you for the conversation this morning and taking time out of your Sunday. I really appreciate the feedback! It really summarized the last 20 years of my career and gave me feedback that I hadn’t heard before, which I will definitely use for further development and improvement going forward regardless of the outcome. I can say having interviewed with many companies this particular aspect of your process (feedback) separates you and your company from many other companies and I have found it to be very professionally enriching. Thank you very much.

- Maintenance Director

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