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Work With A Staffing Company That Understands Your Needs.
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Work With A Staffing Company That Understands Your Needs.

When it comes to selecting the staff augmentation partner you need, it always pays, in the long run, to work with a company that takes the time to understand your environment.

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Resources At Your Fingertips

Don’t delay development or implementation, Whitaker’s on-demand talent network can be deployed within a few hours or few days depending on our client’s specific needs.

  • Our qualified on-demand talent is ready at a moment’s notice so your organization can stay productive without loss of time and money.
  • We know your time is money, so the Whitaker team practices with a sense of urgency — providing feedback, submittals and problem resolution with expedience.
  • Whitaker consistently provides clients with candidates who are ready to go to work and require little or no supervision or additional training.
  • The outcome is quality, cost-effective national staffing solutions for our clients.


Precision Matching

We won’t waste your time with large numbers of available candidates who may or may not be the right fit for your needs now and in the future. Simply put, we identify and pursue people – not resumes – via exhaustive search processes, thorough reference checks and plenty of personal interaction.

Our team identifies the best-qualified candidates without subjecting you to a barrage of resumes. Our clients are rewarded with candidates that consistently exceed their expectations.


Our virtual onboarding process allows our contractors to quickly and efficiently complete onboarding requirements to start a project within a couple of days, sometimes hours.

The onboarding process for contract employees includes Whitaker employment paperwork, pre-employment requirements (drug screen and background check, if applicable), and client policies & procedures as determined.

Quality Control

To maintain a successful track record, we conduct quality calls and continue correspondence with both the candidate and direct supervisor to ensure an ongoing successful rapport, and to remedy any concerns before they could escalate to a problem on the project.

Long-Term Goals

Once a contract assignment nears its end, our Staffing Consultants work with the on-site manager to determine opportunities for extension or transition to new project. If these are not an option, we then work with candidates to identify the next ideal opportunity to ensure a successful transition to a new assignment with little to no interruption in employment.


Should you desire to bring on contractors before making a permanent investment in direct hire, Whitaker can provide a talented pool of qualified individuals on a temporary basis until budgets are confirmed, or other resources aligned to bring a person on directly.

Achieve Your Full Potential

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I have known Linda for several years and have consistently been impressed with her recruitment and communication skills. It’s a rare thing to be able to discuss the nuances, trends and directions of your industry with a recruiter. It’s even more rare for a recruiter to understand and empathize with very technical people. Rarer still for a recruiter to follow up, keep in touch and offer useful and actionable advice. Linda embodies all these traits and is very personable with it.

- Database Infrastructure Administrator, Houston

Carol; Thank you for the conversation this morning and taking time out of your Sunday. I really appreciate the feedback! It really summarized the last 20 years of my career and gave me feedback that I hadn’t heard before, which I will definitely use for further development and improvement going forward regardless of the outcome. I can say having interviewed with many companies this particular aspect of your process (feedback) separates you and your company from many other companies and I have found it to be very professionally enriching. Thank you very much.

- Maintenance Director

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