5 Tips to Create a Recruiting Advantage in a Tight Engineering Labor Market

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5 Tips to Create a Recruiting Advantage in a Tight Engineering Labor Market

Is it any wonder our clients are having a hard time attracting and hiring the talent they desperately need?

“Employers added 263,000 jobs in September, an unsustainably fast pace. The unemployment rate fell from 3.7% to 3.5%, matching a 50-year low, partly because 57,000 persons dropped out of the labor force, reducing the labor force participation rate from 62.4% to 62.3%. This is a very tight labor market.” Elliot Eisenberg, Ph.D., an internationally acclaimed economist and public speaker:


So how do clients create a recruiting advantage in a tight labor market?

Set clear expectations
Is your interview team ready? Are they prepared to impress a star candidate? Do you have clear expectations for each person’s role in the interview, what questions they need to ask, what information needs to be communicated? After all this, are there clear expectations regarding the interview timeline and when they can expect to hear feedback?


Offer flexibility
According to a survey by Bain & Co. (via Bloomberg), U.S. workers indicate that flexibility is tied for second as the most significant motivator when evaluating a job, landing only behind compensation and benefits. Bloomberg

Some engineering jobs require onsite presence but there are ways companies can offer flexibility to their workers with hybrid schedules, 9/80s, etc. Wherever there is an opportunity for flexibility the company should look at it. This is very appealing to candidates to maintain the work life balance many achieved in the last few years and could be a difference maker in creating a competitive talent acquisition strategy.


Make a good first impression
For a top candidate – who is talking to multiple companies – the client who has a smooth, seamless, and upbeat interview process will make the best impression. That’s often a difference maker. Put your best foot forward, sell your company, sell the opportunity, and let people know it!  Your competitors are already out in the marketplace making connections, building recognition and selling their company to top performers.


Transparent communication
“There needs to be a focus on attentiveness and improved communications throughout every stage of the process is critical to ensure the candidate feels informed,” Indeed said. “Being transparent, empathetic and authentic can go a long way in building more comfort and trust into your relationship with the candidate.”


Close the deal!
If it’s a great candidate, move quickly, don’t let them get away (and don’t give them time to go interview with your competitors).



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