12 Days of Christmas: Recruiting Advice

12 Days Of Recruiting Advice


The 12 Days of Christmas: Recruiting Advice

  1. Set (a) goal! That’s right, just one goal and track progress like you would with multiple goals.
  2. Update your resume quarterly (and your LinkedIn profile), or after major projects/achievements. It takes a few minutes and ensures you don’t forget to include the importation details.
  3. Review changes in market expectations for salaries, benefits, and other forms of compensation. Stay ahead of the competition by positioning yourself as a leader.
  4. Choose a recruiting partner that takes the time to understand not only the open requisition but also company culture, growth opportunity, and what makes it a great opportunity. This will help identify and land better talent, faster.
  5. Interested in learning new technologies or maybe working on a new certification? Go for it! Invest in your skillset just like your retirement.
  6. Find a mentor that can help grow your skills and gain new perspectives on your career.  Or become a mentor to help future generations!
  7. Hiring Managers: when you’ve found the right candidate, don’t wait to extend an offer! The best ones make decisions quickly and often have multiple opportunities to consider.
  8. Candidates: have a list of quality questions to ask during interviews that will provide insight on company goals, culture, growth opportunity (if there is any) and skills needed to be successful in the role. 15 Questions to Ask 
  9. Rule of 4: research shows four interviews are enough to determine whether a candidate should be hired. Time is priceless in the recruiting world, try not to waste it.
  10. Employee experience counts! An overall employee experience impact: 28% increase in employee wellbeing, 35% increase in employee engagement, 2.7 times more productivity, and 90% lower turnover than industry peers (Wtwco.com)
  11. Develop your professional network. Associations, industry groups, LinkedIn connections, etc. can all be helpful in finding a mentor, learning new skills, or landing your ideal job.
  12. Have fun and enjoy your job! Whatever it is that makes you happy – new technology, remote work, growth plan, company culture or philanthropy – can foster career growth and success!




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