Why Busy Managers Still Need to Prep for Interviews

News Why Busy Managers Still Need To Prep For Interviews






Been There, Done That? Why Busy Managers Still Need to Prep for Interviews


As a seasoned manager, you’ve likely conducted countless interviews, sifting through resumes, assessing candidates, and making hiring decisions that shape your team and organization. An interview for your next leadership role might seem like a breeze, right? Not quite.


Just as top athletes warm up before a game, even the most experienced managers can benefit from interview preparation.


Here’s why:


  • The Tables Are Turned: As an interviewer, you control the flow, probing for specific answers. Now, you’ll need to anticipate questions, craft compelling narratives about your achievements, and present yourself as a strong candidate for the role.


  • Different Ball Game, Different Rules: Hiring priorities and company cultures evolve. The interview format you’re used to might be completely different. Behavioral questions or presentations could be part of the process – all requiring strategizing and practice.


  • First Impressions Matter (Still): Even with a stellar resume, a shaky interview can derail your candidacy. Preparation allows you to highlight your strengths, enthusiasm, and leadership qualities with confidence.


  • Interviews are a two-way street. Interviews are as much about building a rapport with the interviewer as they are about assessing qualifications. Being well-prepared helps you engage in meaningful conversations, ask insightful questions, and build a connection with the hiring manager.


So, How Do You Prep Like a Pro?


  • Research, Research, Research: Deep dive into the company, its mission, recent news, and leadership team. While you’re at it, make a list of questions that go beyond basic information available online. Ask about team dynamics, company culture, future goals, and opportunities for professional development.


  • Brush Up on Your Achievements: Review past projects, team successes, and quantifiable results that highlight your leadership impact. Be prepared to articulate the “how” and “why” behind your accomplishments. Use the STAR method (Situation, Task, Action, Result) to structure your responses, providing context, your specific actions, and the positive outcomes achieved.


  • Practice Makes Perfect: Refine your responses by practicing with your recruiter or a trusted mentor. This allows you to anticipate potential challenges and gain valuable feedback on your communication style.


  • Sharpen Your Communication Skills: Actively listen to the interviewer’s questions and respond thoughtfully. Remember that research? Use it to tailor your answers and questions to demonstrate your understanding of their needs.



As a busy manager, interview prep can feel like just another item on your overflowing plate. But here’s the truth: a little investment in preparation can yield a big return on your time. By investing time in preparation, you’ll transform yourself from a passive interviewee into a confident leader who stands out from the crowd.  Just like seasoned athletes wouldn’t dream of stepping onto the field cold, even the most experienced managers benefit from interview preparation.




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