Finding the silver lining: How companies thrive during the pandemic

Whitaker_How Companies Thrive During The Pandemic

Finding the silver lining: How companies thrive during the pandemic


A quote from Warren Buffett: “Nothing can stop America when you get right down to it,” Warren Buffett told shareholders in April. “I will bet on America the rest of my life.” The good news, of course, is that we will get through this. We may not know where the other side is, but we do know there will be another side. (



Most of our clients are thinking about what’s next, how we normalize our business, what does that look like and how do we move forward?  In every downturn there’s an opportunity.

The challenge: find the opportunity… and move on it quickly so as to gain competitive market share.


The top three positive trends clients have identified that are here to stay post COVID:

  1. Increased productivity. One of the most prevalent comments employees shared was that they were more productive when they worked from home. “Employees cited the lack of commute and fewer distractions from colleagues as the main reasons that they were able to accomplish more at home,” a survey of U.S. employees by Reflektive, a San Francisco-based performance management services company.


  1. Time savings, lower costs, safety improvement. Virtual exchanges replaced lengthy physical meetings during Covid-19 to prevent contagion and include those working remotely. Safety improvements also contributed to added productivity. Covid-19 showed that socially distanced workers took more precautions in the much more controlled environment associated with the pandemic. This led to fewer incidents and lower spending, said Walter Pesenti, Global Operational Excellence Manager for BP. “Cost is down in many areas,” Pesenti said. “Safety is very good. People are more conscientious.”


  1. Emphasis on upskilling. “Executive leaders can harness modern just-in-time remote microlearning to enable the upskilling opportunities they identify as supporting their COVID-19 recovery business objectives,” says Graham Waller, Distinguished VP Analyst, Gartner. Organizations can accomplish two goals: shift employees to where they are most needed in the short term, but more importantly, the employees gain valuable and high-demand digital skills.


We are talking daily with Managers and Directors and understand the pressures associated with the time-sensitive tasks you face.  We can help you position yourself and your company for a smooth rebound post COVID. Contact us today!




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