July 2016: Top Business Trends To Drive Success

The calendar page has turned to July which means that half of 2016 is now over. Hard to believe that time marches on so quickly! However it causes me to pause and reflect on how we have measured up to the personal and professional goals we set for ourselves and our businesses when we were making those New Year’s resolutions back on January 1st.

Looking back to then, I remember reading this article that appeared on the Forbes.com site late in December entitled “Top 10 Business Trends That Will Drive Success in 2016” written by Ian Altman. These are trends that Altman observed from his consulting work in the trenches with companies. Let me know your thoughts and how you’re progressing on your own 2016 goals!

Remember you still have six more months to make them happen. And of course if one of those goals was to take stock of your career, we’re here to help and lend advice!


For decades I have observed business trends from the stage and from the trenches. For the third consecutive year, I am pleased to share with you what I see as top business trends that leading companies embrace to drive success. In some cases, I spot trends that are starting to take shape. In other cases, I spot established trends that have not yet found their way into the mainstream. I see some of these patterns by interacting with participants when I speak at events, and others I notice while working closely with businesses of varying sizes. Feel free to take a look at my past predictions from 2015 by following the link at the bottom of the article. Here are the Top 10 Business Trends That Will Drive Success in 2016.

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