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  • =Direct-hire search quickly covered due to our extensive networking and direct source recruiting
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    I have known Linda for several years and have consistently been impressed with her recruitment and communication skills. It’s a rare thing to be able to discuss the nuances, trends and directions of your industry with a recruiter. It’s even more rare for a recruiter to understand and empathize with very technical people. Rarer still for a recruiter to follow up, keep in touch and offer useful and actionable advice. Linda embodies all these traits and is very personable with it.

    - Database Infrastructure Administrator, Houston

    Carol; Thank you for the conversation this morning and taking time out of your Sunday. I really appreciate the feedback! It really summarized the last 20 years of my career and gave me feedback that I hadn’t heard before, which I will definitely use for further development and improvement going forward regardless of the outcome. I can say having interviewed with many companies this particular aspect of your process (feedback) separates you and your company from many other companies and I have found it to be very professionally enriching. Thank you very much.

    - Maintenance Director

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