Reasons For Job Changes

Certain industries are seeing a rebound and good career options are becoming more available for top talent. Is a job change really right for you? There are four basic reasons a person changes jobs:

1. Situation
Situation, has nothing to do with the job itself. Some people change jobs because they’re being laid off, or have a spouse who’s being transferred to another city. Maybe a loss of key benefits might initiate the search for a new job; or some other external factor, such as the job’s location, commute time or a change in personal or family needs will compel a person to seek out a different employer.

2. Money
Recruiters are generally very leery if money is the driving force behind a person’s interest in changing jobs. No recruiter wants a candidate that wants to get into a bidding war between the potential new company and the incumbent. The increase you’d typically get in a job change is eaten up by taxes and has little significance. Or, the pursuit of more money involves more risk than you or your family is willing to incur.

3. Hate
As in, there’s something you really hate or something that drives you crazy at your current job. Particular individual, work environment, corporate culture, attitude, technology, a tool, or whatever, the bottom line is that the person feels trapped where he is. Seek resolution or make a serious attempt to correct the problem before looking elsewhere. It’s important to find out if you can resolve the issue before you start interviewing elsewhere, rather than when you have another offer in hand.

4. Love
To be more specific, unrequited LOVE. When a person has a passion for doing something or working with like-minded people who share his values—but that role or relationship will never be available in the present company—the frustration can become overwhelming. If your recruiter can find an opportunity for you that will fill the void, nothing will stand in your way of making the move.

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