Ghosting is on the rise, and it’s affecting your interviewing

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Don’t keep them waiting – Time is a deal killer

Weeks of research, preparation and interviewing all leads you to the one. The one job that could accelerate your career path. The one candidate that could instantly make a difference on your team.  Then silence…. You get no response.

You’ve been ghosted.

The trend of ghosting, while started in the dating world, has crossed over to the business world and has seen an increase since the pandemic started. Studies have shown over the last few years that candidates are guilty of ghosting employers, but a recent study by Indeed has shown that now employers are increasingly guilty too.

Either way, ghosting (and time delays) is a deal killer in the interview process. It is perceived by the other party involved that you are “just not that into them”.

Everyone agrees that the IT job market is booming and the competition for top candidates is getting tougher. The IT job market in the U.S. has added an average of about 13,000 positions during each month of 2021 so far, up from a typical monthly average of between 5,000 and 8,000 jobs. (

As competitive as the job market currently is, there is little to no time for delays in the interview process. If you’ve found the right one, don’t drag your feet! If they are truly talented, they’re getting approached by companies on a regular basis. Don’t stall, someone else will take your place.

Here are a few tips we’ve gathered from our hiring managers:

  1. Transparent communication

“There needs to be a focus on attentiveness and improved communications throughout every stage of the process is critical to ensure the candidate feels informed,” Indeed said. “Being transparent, empathetic and authentic can go a long way in building more comfort and trust into your relationship with the candidate.”

  1. Set clear expectations

Is your interview team ready? Are they prepared to impress a star candidate? Do you have clear expectations for each person’s role in the interview, what questions they need to ask, what information needs to be communicated? After all this, are there clear expectations regarding the interview timeline and when they can expect to hear feedback?

  1. Make a good first impression

For a top candidate – who is talking to multiple companies – the client who has a smooth, seamless, and upbeat interview process will make the best impression. That’s often a difference maker. Put your best foot forward, sell your company, sell the opportunity, and let people know it!  Your competitors are already out in the marketplace making connections, building recognition and selling their company to top performers.

  1. Close the deal!

If it’s a great candidate, move quickly, don’t let them get away (and don’t give them time to go interview with your competitors).


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