Know Your Value in Today’s Marketplace

Know Your Value


You are the CEO of You Inc. It’s up to you to know what’s needed in today’s market.


Want a promotion? Want a raise? Want to land your dream job? Make yourself more valuable by optimizing yourself and your skills so that you can experience new career success levels.

A recent Forbes article highlights five strategies to increase your value:

  1. Build your personal brand – These opportunities (LinkedIn, Github, Stack Overflow, Professional Associations, etc) for exposure offer an opportunity for career professionals to build their personal brands. “Personal branding is a combination of your skills and experience that defines how people see you. If used right, personal branding can help you build recognition, improve your network, and give you access to more opportunities than ever before … especially in an age where remote job markets are so prevalent.” (com, September 2020)


  1. Never stop learning and adding new tools – One efficient way to make yourself more valuable is to add value by learning and adding new tools. If you want to become more valuable:
  • Learn, never stop, and add new skills. You should never feel as if you’ve arrived because things change, and there’s always something new to learn.
  • Be a leader by staying at the forefront of your industry.
  • Optimize your current skills and supplement your career with new opportunities to get better.


  1. Make your personal development a priority – When you implement personal development principles and become the most optimized version of yourself, you create value that employers see. Your personal growth work has a positive effect on every other area of your life. It helps you become stronger in the areas that make you a valuable employee.


  1. Treat your job as if it’s your business – Understanding and developing the entrepreneurial mindset is one efficient way to add value to yourself and be seen as an asset. When you take ownership of the responsibilities your employer has entrusted you with, you become more valuable.


  1. Set growth-focused goals every year – You become more valuable when there’s progress. You make progress when you move forward towards clear goals. It would help if you had short-term and long terms goals. These goals can range from what you want to accomplish this month in your job to what you’re striving to achieve long-term in your career.


Learn more about these five strategies, read the full article on

“Know your value in today’s marketplace. You are the CEO of You Inc. It’s up to you to know what’s needed in today’s market.” Donna Coulson, career coach.


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