Bridge the Talent Gap

Bridge The Talent Gap



How to achieve business objectives when your team doesn’t want to return to the office

You’re between a rock and hard place, aren’t you? Leadership wants everyone back in the office but your team doesn’t want to return in-person…yet.

Over the last year, people grew accustomed to virtual everything – work, happy hours, birthday parties, healthcare, grocery shopping, and even church.

With the flexibility of working from home (or a vacation rental), no commute, and the ability to spend more time with family, people don’t want to return whether it is based on convenience or health concerns. Now they are facing the dilemma of returning in-person to keep their job or find a new role that allows them to stay remote. The latter is in high demand but low supply.

As some companies are struggling to bring workers back to the office, leadership is getting creative in how to either entice employees or replace them. But how can companies achieve business goals without blowing their budgets? How can companies retain their workforce with a one size fits all solution?


Buzzwords like “hybrid”, “remote” and “upskilling” are all over professional networking sites and articles, but little is being said about offshore and nearshore – this is where the opportunity can be.

Nearshore & Offshore

Our client companies are exploring opportunities in offshore and nearshore solutions to access an untapped talent market that is not only highly skilled and works the same time zone, but is cost effective too.



“This approach helps companies reduce costs and increase their competitive advantage. Also, by outsourcing software development, companies can bridge existing expertise gaps and accelerate larger-scale projects.” (



If this is not the best option, then focusing on retaining your staff could prevent talent gaps from happening.



Retention can speak volumes of an organization’s culture and can play a vital role in both attracting and retaining key employees, as well as reducing turnover. High turnover tends to raise questions about the care and promise employees see within a company.

While there’s no one size fits all solution for retention programs, but walking the walk and helping employees progress in their professional development goes a long way to ensure employees will remain at a company where they feel valued.



“Every day an employee is with the company, their knowledge grows, increasing their value to the company and its clients,” Lucas Hendrich, Chief Technology Officer at BairesDev



Avoid Burnout

Taking on additional duties because your team is short-staffed leads to stressed, overworked employees, which could result in burnout and turnover. Don’t let it get to that point, now is the time to explore new solutions on retaining talent and bridging the talent gap.


Want to know more about how we are helping our client companies attract and retain their top talent? Let’s schedule a brief call so you can learn how to bridge the talent gap without blowing your budget.

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