Salary History Ban…Coming Soon To A State Near You?

In a recent effort to narrow the pay gap and fight gender discrimination, cities and states are passing new laws that make it illegal for hiring managers and even (third party) recruiters to ask a candidate’s salary history in interviews and on job applications.

Analysts are predicting other states will soon adopt this new idealism, so it’s time to educate yourself on the impact – both positive and negative – it will have on you as a hiring manager or job seeker.

We’ve identified three articles with valuable insight that we’d like to pass along. The first comes from Insperity and lays out a five step plan to determine how companies can stay competitive with salary offers without breaking the law or inflating salary ranges.

The salary history ban: 5 steps to determine pay in the don’t-ask era
These savvy steps can help you craft competitive salary offers appropriate for each candidate’s skill level, while staying on the right side of pay equity laws. Read full article

Top 10 Tips for Hiring Differently Under Salary History Laws
If you want to improve your hiring and avoid legal issues, here are some actionable salary history tips for recruiters and hiring managers based on new salary history laws in California, Massachusetts, Oregon, and Delaware (and predicted for most other states soon). Read full article

How Will The Laws Banning Salary History Affect Your Recruitment Team?
New York City Council recently approved a bill making it unlawful discriminatory practice to directly ask a candidate about compensation. This regulation makes it illegal to rely on knowledge of an applicant’s salary history to develop a new compensation package. So what does that mean for your recruitment team?  Read full article



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