April 2015: IT Retention Strategies for all Generations

Money is not the secret to employee happiness or retention! Over the years, companies have evolved their thinking and are now coming up with creative solutions in targeting and retaining employees from all generations within the workforce.

Below is our featured expert, Kristen Gaustad, highlighting various motivation techniques companies of any size and budget can use in order to help hire and retain IT employees.


In today’s market, there is a more even playing field for companies that utilize various motivational factors to address the needs of the different generations that are currently in the workforce.  This provides companies more options to engage and retain IT employees.  The following information represents various motivational techniques and factors that can be utilized to help hire and retain IT employees.

  • Work Life Balance enables your employees to have (and enjoy) a balanced work and personal life. Giving them flexible start and end times in addition to the core business hours or offering telecommuting when possible can be a major attraction and retention factor for employees.
  • Career growth within a company is not necessarily moving up in seniority. Growth can also occur with the addition of extra responsibilities, cross-training, certifications and other educational opportunities combined with reimbursement programs that can add to the employee’s growth within their field.
  • Offer continued education opportunities, so that your employees feel that they have the chance to move forward within their organization and subject matter.
  • Performance feedback and praising good efforts will motivate employees to continue to work hard.
  • Leadership opportunities offered to new employees can help them mesh into their work environment. Opportunities to fulfill this role might include a mentorship program.
  • Employee involvement in decisions that affect their jobs and the overall direction of the organization whenever possible will give employees more respect of the organization.
  • New trends look at opportunities that potentially impact employees’ life growth, example Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). BYOD is a trend in which companies can make reasonable accommodations in order to increase employee involvement and production.

The more you educate yourself on what motivates your internal IT staff, to keep working, and to draw in new employees, the higher the probability to retain your current staff and gain new members.  To generate ideas and find out what your employees are looking for, offer surveys, a confidential feedback or suggestion box in a common place at the office.  This allows people to voice their thoughts and concerns privately which allows them to speak more openly.  Many employee ideas have the potential to be easily incorporated into your department or company as a whole.

About the expert:

Kristen Gaustad, Business Development Manager for Whitaker IT, has over ten years of experience recruiting and staffing across the United States. Over the course of Kristen’s career with Whitaker IT, she has proven herself as a valuable leader helping develop the government staffing division that she now heads.  Kristen is currently a member and active volunteer of the Texas Association of State Systems for Computing and Communications (TASSCC).


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