April 2016: Promising IT Jobs Of 2016, Not all in Healthcare

Talent shortages and headlines of cyber attacks becoming more frequent have driven IT security and healthcare IT professionals into high demand. However, according to a recent Glassdoor survey (read full article at https://www.glassdoor.com/Best-Jobs-in-America-LST_KQ0,20.htm), while many of the jobs appearing on the most promising list for 2016 are focused on health care and technology, a selection of these roles are available across a number of industries.

Truth is, people really want to find jobs where they know there’s career advancement and they can be promoted from within. So what does the IT job market really look like? Below are a couple articles you might find helpful when thinking about career advancement.

After hospital ransomware attack, time for some blunt talk about cybersecurity
The immediate benefit of disclosure — after you’ve patched your shop and helped peers with equally sensitive systems secure their own — is education for everybody else who might not be in the same line of work but who might be running software with the same vulnerability. Read full article

Despite Risk, Healthcare Prioritizes Compliance Over Data Security
The majority of IT security leaders in healthcare feel vulnerable to data threats—but are still prioritizing compliance ahead of anything else. Read full article

The Most Promising Jobs Of 2016
Which jobs are offering American the greatest potential–for earnings and opportunity–in 2016? This year we see a lot of tech jobs and we also see a lot of health care jobs. What that indicates is these two industries continue to grow and be across the board great places for people to find jobs. Read full article

IT salaries increase across 12 tech job categories
It’s a great time to be in tech, as nearly every industry grows more reliant on technology every year. And Mondo’s salary survey shows that for tech workers, the average annual compensation is only increasing for these in-demand jobs. Read full article




Security Corner:

Five of the eight largest healthcare security breaches that occurred since the beginning of 2010 – those with more than 1 million records reportedly compromised – took place during the first six months of 2015, according to IBM X-Force’s “2016 Cyber Security Intelligence Index.” And in 2015 overall, more than 100 million healthcare records reportedly were compromised, the report said. Read full article




Upcoming Events:

2016 Texas Regional HIMSS Conference
Sponsored by Whitaker IT
The Texas Chapters of HIMSS will hold a one and a half day educational conference in Houston, Texas on May 12-13, 2016. The theme of this year’s conference is “Houston…We Have A Solution”. This is the 8th Annual Regional Conference with an anticipated 600+ healthcare IT professionals attending. Event information


UPDATE: Due to recent severe weather in the Houston area, Agile Leadership Network and Houston Oracle Users Group have postponed their April meetings and have tentatively rescheduled for May 5th.

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