Make 2018 your best year ever (professionally)!

A recent article featured on “Top 10 Ways to Be Happy at Work” provides ideas that may help you find happiness at work and make this year your best year ever.

Below are a few highlighted ideas from the article and our take on how to achieve each one. We recommend you read the full article and pick one or two of these that will make a difference for you!

(1) Choose to be happy at work- or choose work you are happy with.  They say if you love what you do you will never work a day in your life.  If you are in a gap filling position, put your happy face on and look at the bright side of today and the possibilities of tomorrow.

(2) Take charge of your own professional development – Ask to go to a leadership conference or seminar, offer to be on the committee or the next project, offer to help the team member that has a lot on their plate, volunteer for a leadership opportunity for an internal program, seek out an organization that you are passionate about and get involved- leadership will come,  there are many ways to be a leader, seize the day and find your niche!

(3) Ask for feedback regularly and know what is going on at work – “If you don’t ask you don’t get”.  Asking for feedback will help you stay in touch with what is perceived and what is actually done, as well as letting your boss know you are open minded and want to do a good job.  360-degree feedback can be constructive criticism on what you are doing well and where you can improve and expand your experience.

Staying in touch with work, work issues, vision and mission statement encourages “we are in it together” type of attitude, not me, not you, but US working together to build a company and accomplish a goal.

(4) Avoid negativity & make friends – walk away when group talk gets personal about a coworkers.  Positive talk can get everyone on the positive path.  Making friends at work is awesome, knowing you can count on someone professionally and personally is invaluable.

From all of us at Whitaker, we wish you wealth, health and happiness in 2018.


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