March 2016: Changes in IT Recruiting and Hiring

As one million security positions go unfilled worldwide, according to Cisco research, companies across all industries are gearing up to increase recruiting efforts focused not only on top IT talent but also on gender diversity within their IT workforce.  According to a recent study from Fieldglass, the future of the IT job market in is contract workers, a key element that is bringing big changes for hiring trends in the coming year.

Below are three articles addressing the current changes in IT recruiting and hiring.

Hiring trends for 2016: Welcome to the gig economy
According to a recent study on hiring trends, the number of workers hired as freelance or contract workers has risen in the past two years, and it’s expected to increase. The future of the job market lies in non-employee workers, according to a study from Fieldglass in partnership with Ardent Partners. Read full article

Retaining security talent by embracing distributed team management
Ask anyone in a security leadership role about their team and you’ll likely find that the great majority are struggling. They are struggling because finding security talent is increasingly hard and keeping that talent is even harder. Read full article

5 ways to attract and retain female technologists
Companies are stepping up to increase gender diversity in their tech workforce because it’s smart business. Top firms share advice on how they’re making headway. Read full article



Security Corner:

Hardly a week goes by without one or more information theft stories appearing in the news. Today, concerns over data protection have transcended the technical realm and exploded into public consciousness. Read full article



Upcoming Events:

Houston Java Users Group
Sponsored by Whitaker IT
March 30th, “Effective Code Reviews” presented by Jane Prusakova

PMI Austin Chapter Professional Development Series
Sponsored by Whitaker IT
April 7th, Project, program, and portfolio management professionals and decision makers from leading Austin companies, including IT, manufacturing, healthcare, construction, public sector and non-profit businesses, gather for a full-day conference on some of the cutting-edge best practices in project, program and portfolio management.

Agile Leadership Network Event
Sponsored by Whitaker IT
April 21st, “To Estimate or #NoEstimates, That is the Question” presented by Todd Little




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