Time to consider a contract job?

Ask yourself:

  1. Do I want to learn a new technology?
  2. Do I want to try a different role or work in a different Industry?
  3. Do I want to maximize my earning potential?
  4. Am I a fixer? (these folks like to fix a difficult situation)
  5. Am I filling a career gap?
  6. Am I trying to get into the workforce after a period of being out?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then a contract position may be a good fit for you.  According to a recent article,  40% of workers are moving towards contract or contract to hire basis.

When reviewing contract positions consider:

  1. Duration- a 3 to 6 month contract assignment can easily be extended. However, be aware that contract assignments can be ended at any time by either the consultant or the client. (Whitaker always encourages consultants give a two week notice when leaving a contract.)
  2. Hourly rate – crunch the numbers before being submitted on a position, you always want to be competitive and the rate has to work with your situation. It is considered unprofessional to negotiate after you have agreed to be submitted at a certain rate.
  3. Submittals – keep track of where your resume has been submitted – clients and consulting companies – several clients will eliminate your candidacy if your resume is received by two different consulting companies.
  4. Benefits summary – most consulting companies offer benefits, depending on your situation you may want to consider their benefits package in your overall decision.

After being offered the contract assignment:

  1. Read the contract agreement with your consulting company, sometimes there are restrictions of which you need to be aware.
  2. Ask about the timesheet approval process. Who signs off? What happens if they are out of town?
  3. Ask about company culture and expected work hours. Will you be allowed to work more than 40 hours per week or will you be restricted to 40 hours only.  If traveling, ask about 10 hour workday day schedule (8 to 6 Monday through Thursday) or is it restricted to regular workday schedule (8 to 5 Monday through Friday).
  4. Ask about how/when you will be paid and understand the terms – all companies are different.
  5. Ask about sick time and requested time off policies for the client company, and how much notice is needed.
  6. Ask about client company dress code for contractors.

These are a few things to consider when applying for contract opportunities.  Good luck on your job search and if we can help in any way please contact Whitaker IT.

Linda Ranostaj, CTS
Ms. Ranostaj has over 17 years of IT Recruiting experience for oil & gas, financial, insurance, and technology industries nationwide.

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