Keep Business Moving Forward Amid COVID-19

Moving Forward In Tough Times



Whitaker realizes many of our clients are experiencing tremendous pressure to create a remote workforce solution to maintain employee health and minimize potential risk.

We want to let you know that we’re here to support you in any way we can to get work done and keep your businesses moving forward. First, if you are looking for short term remote or onsite resources with proven expertise in setting up VPN’s, assisting clients in the use of collaboration tools, and/or assisting with, designing or developing disaster recovery and business continuity plans, we would be happy to reach out to our extensive network of talented IT professionals to assist you and your team.

Additionally, we can help advise and consult suddenly displaced IT workers, assist them with resume preparation, job search assistance, interview tips, at no cost.

Whitaker remains steadfastly committed to true search methodologies, putting people first, quality standards, continuing education and the evolving future of the workplace.  Read more out The Whitaker Commitments 

  1. Committed to Search 
  2. Committed to People 
  3. Committed to Quality 
  4. Committed to Education 
  5. Committed to the Future 

We are talking daily with Managers and Directors and understand the severity and time-sensitive tasks you face. How can Whitaker help you?



“Here at Whitaker IT all is well and we are still doing business as usual” a message from Patricia Simpson, Director of Sales

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