Position Yourself For Success After COVID-19

Position Yourself For Success After Covid-19


Position Yourself For Success After COVID-19

There are two main types of leaders: “Peacetime leaders and Wartime leaders”, Danny Cahill, staffing industry veteran and training guru, said recently in a professional development session. This concept got us thinking and we realized “Wartime leader” isn’t just a person, it’s a mindset! Each of us can employ this mindset to discover how we can do things differently to continue moving forward.

What can we learn during this time away from the office and use as an opportunity to improve or create processes that can be used moving forward? Some of the best professionals are at home using this time to improve their skills, further their careers and strengthen their teams.

While some of our clients are weathering the storm with a hiring “pause” due to big market downturns, the hiring lamp is still on for many of our clients. These companies are building teams to continue projects and/or strategically speaking with top talent so that when the turnaround happens – we all know it will happen – they are prepared to quickly ramp up hiring and beat out the competition for top talent.

The opportunity (and for some challenge) currently before us is “telehire”. For clients maintaining their hiring strategies, we are assisting them navigate the unfamiliarity of onboarding remotely. Below are a few articles with tips and guidelines we’ve found helpful in providing onboarding support to our clients and candidates.

So our question to you is:




Additional Resources:

Tips for onboarding new hires remotely during COVID-19 pandemic
A focus on fundamental practices, technological tools and collaboration between HR and IT teams are some of the best practices offered by industry insiders.

How to keep hiring and onboarding new talent while working remotely
You can’t afford to slow down filling necessary positions when your offices are closed.

Virtual Onboarding Checklist For Remote Employees
If you’ve hired some new team members, you can take care of their onboarding process virtually as long as you have the right plan of action, coordination, and tools.



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