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Boost Your Personal Brand

While professionals can showcase their technical skills on sites like GitHub or Stack Overflow, going a step further to maintain a comprehensive personal brand can strengthen their reputation and increase their network.


Personal branding is a combination of your skills and experience that defines how people see you. If used right, personal branding can help you build recognition, improve your network, and give you access to more opportunities than ever before … especially in an age where remote job markets are so prevalent. (, September 2020)



Video is the future of personal branding since it is the “preferred medium for consuming information—especially among millennials and Gen Zs” (, August 2020). Including videos in your personal branding strategy can showcase soft skills and provide access to potential hiring managers on social media sites like LinkedIn.

Although it’s not a brand new idea, video resumes have seen a resurgence in popularity given the recent shift in the increased acceptance of telecommuting. It’s important to note, video resumes do not replace a traditional resume, but can be used in conjunction with an application process to understand a candidate’s abilities beyond what’s written in their resume.

Video resumes highlight a professional’s:

  • Strengths
  • Abilities
  • Accomplishments
  • Transferable skills

If done properly, videos showcase qualities beyond a traditional resume:

If you are interested in creating your video resume, check out these helpful tips from  To learn more about advancing your personal brand and why it’s important in building your network, check out these helpful articles linked below.

It’s a tight talent market for top professionals, if you’re looking for an in-demand professional, reach out to us and let us know how we can help! If you’re interested in knowing more about boosting your personal brand, call us today to discuss how Whitaker works daily with candidates to make their best first impression.



Why Should Employers Consider Video Resumes? (
It is becoming common practice for employers to use video in job interviews and even resumes. While video resumes might not completely replace their traditional written counterparts, they will likely become more important.

Nine Clever Ways To Use Video To Stand Out And Bolster Your Personal Brand (
Video is the most powerful communication tool there is, next to being there in person of course. And video is the future of personal branding. Why?

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Your personal brand isn’t just a buzz phrase. It’s the unique combination of skills, experience, passion and personality that makes you exactly the right fit for your dream job.



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