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“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” — Henry Ford



Remote Leadership Tips from Industry Leaders

Cooler temperatures have finally arrived in Texas, but seasons aren’t the only thing changing around here! As all companies navigate their current landscape and look to 2021 to bring a fresh new start, leaders are using this time as an opportunity to build stronger teams and connections with employees both in office and remote. Maintaining morale and productivity in a remote environment can be challenging, but it’s not impossible.

As the world changes around us, here’s how industry leaders are embracing the changing work environment and leading their teams to success:


Shared Purpose and Pursuit of Goals

To build a high-performance culture, make the effort to unify your team around a shared purpose and the pursuit of transparent goals. Let a little more fun and personality into the business environment. Finally, practice and encourage self-care and healthy work-life balance. Those practices can help you create a better team, whether or not you return to your physical office. (L. Gill,  


Re-Evaluate Productivity

Employees must work from their home offices, and many leaders are re-evaluating the corporate office landscape as they are seeing productivity levels at or higher than they had originally imagined. As such, the social norms of corporate offices are being tested. What was once a physical face-to-face interaction can now successfully happen over video. (C. Williams,


Involve and Engage

The agility comes in how employees and decision-makers collaborate at scale, organizing for change through diversified talent and skill…Most importantly, people–employees and customers–must come first. A leader must involve and engage their staff for the future workplace to be deployed and executed thoughtfully and properly. Technology is important, and a key enabler of the future workforce, but people are the core of any business. (S. Sowmyanarayan,


Embrace Change

Managing employees remotely is a very different job from managing them in person. Embrace the changes in the way you need to manage now and in the way your employees are working now, and you’ll see more efficiency, greater productivity and reduced stress. (C. McGovern,



It’s a tight talent market for top professionals, if you’re looking for an in-demand professional, reach out to us and let us know how we can help!

By the way, Happy Boss’s Day to those that inspire, motivate, and guide others to new career heights!

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