December 2015: Twelve Engineering Products of Christmas

It’s impossible to miss the signs of December – frosty mornings, traffic around the malls, calendars filling up with holiday celebrations, and hopefully for most of you a healthy dose of holiday spirit filling your homes and your hearts.  On the work front, we’re seeing sure signs of the year end as interview dates are harder to come by and budgets are nearing their end.

It’s been a surprisingly robust year – at least for the downstream and midstream sectors of our market.  And from everything we’re hearing, the trend appears to continue upward into the New Year, so we have much to celebrate.  At the head of my “things to celebrate” list is the wonderful people with whom we’ve had the privilege to partner this year and in years past.

So when I saw this post on the IChemE blog (a UK publication) written by Geoff Maitland entitled “The Twelve (Chemical Engineering) Products of Christmas” I knew I had to share it with you.  While it was written for ChemE’s, it probably applies to most of the technical professionals we work with out there, and we appreciate ALL of you!   We look forward to our continued partnership and to a bright and prosperous 2016. And in the spirit of continuous improvement, we hope you like our new mobile format!

From our entire “Whitaker family” to yours, our wishes for the happiest of holidays and the very best in the coming new year.


The twelve (chemical engineering) products of Christmas (Day 209)

I have talked in my past blogs about the lack of recognition about what chemical engineering is and why it matters.

When explaining chemical engineering to people I often say look around you, everything you can see or touch wouldn’t be here without chemical engineering.

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